About Me

I am holding the full professorship at the School of Mathematics and Statistics, Xidian University, and the distinguished professorship at the College of Mathematical Medicine, Zhejiang Normal University. Meanwhile, I am also the visiting professor of École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS) in Canada, and the visiting professor of Mathematics School, Southern University of Science and Technology in China. I used to work as the research scientist at Robarts Research Institute, Western University (UWO) in Canada, and the adjunct research professor at the Schulich Medical School, Western University (UWO) in Canada.

Research Instrests and Academic Services

My major studies are in developing novel theories and implementations of optimization, learning-based algorithms and high-performance distributed parallel computing, especially with applications to most challenging practices of computer vision, medical image analysis and machine learning. I proposed a series of novel optimization models and fast algorithms under a unified dual optimization framework, which have been implemented on most modern high-performance parallel computing platforms and successfully applied in large-scale medical image computing, computer vision and machine learning. In addition, I focus on delivering new efficient computing methods and advanced parallel numerical tools with capabilities of processing “big data” in most modern applications of image segmentation, registration, motion estimation and machine learning.

I am serving in the editorial board of: Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, Frontiers in Computer Science; also in the program committee of top academic conferences such as MICCAI, EMMCVPR and IPTA. I constantly work as the reviewer of top journals and conferences: IEEE Trans. PAMI, IEEE TMI, Medical Image Analysis, SIAM Imag. Sci., IJCV, Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, Medical Image Analysis, CVPR, MICCAI, ICCV, EMMCVPR.


  • Email: jyuan (“AT”) zjnu (dot) edu (dot) cn
  • Address: College of Mathematical Medicine, Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua, China